2019 Floods in Kerala

Rain is continuing in Wayanad district.  Floods and tides are widespread in the district.  Thirty-two thousand people have been displaced in 193 relief camps.  We need to be able to survive this flood more effectively than we have overcome the 2018 flood. The camps are equipped with amenities.  The district administration has provided the necessary supplies to the campers. It is very important to work with the district administration to provide them with essential commodities.  Therefore, our brothers and sisters in relief camps are requested to donate material.  The following items are currently required.  Request to be delivered to the collection centers listed below.
 Required goods
 Mat 15000
 Blankets 25000
 Underwear 20000 (men), 20000 (female), 20000 (kids)
 20000 Mund
 NIGHT 20000
 20000 Children’s Clothes
 Hawaii Shoes 20000 (adult size) and 10000 (kid size)
 Sanitary Napkin 12000
 Soap 10000
 Dettol 1000 liters
 10000 packets of soap powder
 Bleaching Powder 10 tonne
 Chlorine 8 tonne
 Rice 70 tonne
 10 tone of sugar
 Roasted 5 tonne
 Nuts 5 tonne
 Seaweed 5 tonne
 3 tonne of coconut oil
 Life jacket 150
 Life Boy 50
 500 Gloves
 Gum boots 500

Flood and Landslide followed by heavy rainfall in a disastrous situation in Wayanad.  Around 32000 citizens are rescued and accommodated in 193 relief camps.  Necessary facilities are provided at these camps.  Your magnanimous contributions are kind to our fellow brethren.  Kindly donate the following materials.
 Sleeping Mat 15000
 Blanket 25000
 Under Garments 20000 (men), 20000 (female), 20000 (kids)
 Dhothi 20000
 Night Gown 20000
 Children’s Apparel 20000
 Slippers 20000 (adult size), 10000 (kid size)
 Sanitary Napkin 12000
 Soap 20000
 Dettol 1000 liters
 Soap Powder 10000 packets
 Bleaching Powder 10 tonne
 Chlorine 8 tonne
 Rice 70 tonne
 Sugar 10 tonnes
 Green Gram 5 tonne
 Dal 5 tonne
 Black Gram 5 tonne
 Coconut oil 3 tonne
 500 Gloves
 Gum boots 500
 Life jacket 150
 Life buoy 50

Fr. George Kannanthanam

9845811515 / 8073396563