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Our Works Overview

Scope of Work

There are different areas of work for the people with visual problems that offer great possibilities for us to contribute positively. The main scope is in the line of eye donations. At present approximately only 35,000 corneas are collected in India every year, whereas 150,000 are required annually to combat corneal blindness. As a result, the patient line-up and wait to get a corneal transplant keeps getting longer with each passing day. Furthermore, the cost of cornea transplant in addition to unavailability for corneas makes it practically impossible for underprivileged people to access these medical remedies.

Another area of work will be to get the permanently blind person to lead a better life. There is a huge dearth of trained person to deal with disability issues. Advocacy work needed to ensure the rights of persons with blindness. The global fact that 82% of the persons with disabilities belong to the economically weaker section of the society, calls us to focus on this segment. Providing affordable eye care to the rural population is another area of interest. We have particularly selected to work for the rural areas beyond Bangalore city where a campus for their treatment and rehabilitation is being developed.

Eye Care Centre

We have conducted more than 7000 cataract eye surgeries in Bangalore. Credible and competent eye hospitals and organisations carry out surgeries with ‘The Project Vision’.


Largest eye donation campaign in the world. These programs provide the experience to the sighted persons on what it means to be blind.

Eye Pledge

Let your eyes change someone’s life, let’s donate eyes.

Million Eyes Film Festival

This is an International Film Competition on the theme of eye donation. Any story that can inspire people to donate their eyes can participate.

Voice of the Eye

‘Voice of the Eye’ is an opportunity for you to raise your voice for the eye with 39 million people worldwide who are without sight. A speech competition to express your voices to ensure the eyes get their share of attention.

Persons with Disabilties

The children with disabilities in the rural areas are total without any support. Parents struggle to keep them safe and healthy.