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There are 39 million people across the globe that is blind. India is now home to the world’s largest number of blind people with 15 million persons. (WHO 2010) As regards our home State of Karnataka, a national survey on blindness has shown that barely 50 per cent of the people in Karnataka have near normal vision and prevalence of blindness is more than the national average. Covering 40,000 people all over the country, including 3,200 in Karnataka, a survey by the National Programme to Control Blindness has pointed out that 13.7 per cent of the population in the State suffers from blindness as against the national average of 8.5 per cent. Thus we cannot be blind to this issue. It needs our immediate attention.

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Congratulations to the finale participants of “Voice of the Eye” Global speech competition. From the 14 States and Union territories of India and 7 countries internationally we received 371 submissions for this competition.

The list of all participants can be found in this link – here

Organized by The Project Vision, a non-profit organization working for the visually challenged since 2013. Based in Bangalore, India, Project Vision has been in the forefront of eye donation efforts in the world and has developed various innovative programs like BlindWalk, one of the largest programs globally to promote eye donations.

Project Vision is one of the social projects under the Hope Anti-Addiction Action Group, a registered charity of the Claretian Missionaries of Bangalore.


Yes …. you are welcome to raise the ‘voice of the Eye.’ The ‘Voice of the Eye’ is to see. To see is to exist for the eye. It does not exist if it does not see. When the eye ceases to see, someone has to raise the voice. YOU CAN!

Yes… ‘Voice of the Eye’ is an opportunity for you to raise your voice for the eye with 39 million people worldwide who are without sight. A speech competition to express your voices to ensure the eyes get their share of attention.

Yes… you can speak for your eyes and for those of others. If your eyes can’t see, speak out. If others’ eyes don’t see, speak up.

Yes, you can inspire others to donate their eyes.

Yes, you can motivate others not to waste their beautiful eyes.

Yes, you can inform others of the wonderful opportunity to let their eyes live forever.


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