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The Project Vision is an initiative of Hope Society to promote Eye Donation, provide Eye Care, and Empower persons with Disabilities.

About Us

We are an organisation committed to bringing hope to the most vulnerable groups of people in society. Project Vision is an initiative under the Hope Anti Addiction Action Group Society, a social initiative of the Claretian Fathers of Bangalore. Starting with working for alcoholics and drug addicts, Hope moved on to establish two HIV/AIDS Care centers, in Bangalore and Belgaum, Karnataka State in India. Later on, disability issues were added under the banner of Project Vision.

Focussing on eye donation, eye care, and enabling children with disabilities. Response to various disasters is a focus with involvement in Nepal earthquake, Kerala floods and later on for COVID with CoronaCare Bangalore and Mother’s Meal. Project Vision operates through its staff, large volunteer base as well as a wide network of like-minded organisations and government. 

There are various ways you can help and create a real difference in the lives of people with disabilities. We can't complete our mission without the help of good people like you. ​

Our Endeavours

 We also engage and contribute during disasters and currently working to battle the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Eye Care Centre

TPV Rural Eye Care Centre provides free Eye Care Service for the rural poor in Tumkur, Chikaballapur and Bangalore Districts. Regular village eye screening camps, providing spectacles and getting cataract operations done are the regular services. We are based at Kasapura Gate, Arasapura Post, Korategere Taluk of Tumkur Dt.


BlindWalk is an innovative program developed by Project Vision to motivate people to help the visually challenged. "Feel being blind" is the catchword for BlindWalk. A very unique experience is created by ge, leading to a decision to donate their eyes. We have conducted more than 1000 BlindWalks in six countries so far.

Eye Donation

Project Vision was born as an eye donation movement. Creating awareness about the plight of the visually challenged people and motivating people to pledge and donate their eyes after death is our main objective. We develop Vision Ambassadors from the community to ensure that pledged eyes are collected. We promote eye collection centres and eye banks.

Million Eyes Film Festival

Yet another innovative program to attract young people to the message of eye donation. A short movie on the theme of eye donation was organised by Project Vision in 2018 inviting all talented young people to create a movie on the theme of eye donation. With more than 100 entries, the prize money of one lakh rupees, all the movies conveyed the message to a large number of people.

Voice of the Eye

Yes, the eyes have a voice to communicate. It is a voice calling out for help, from those who cannot see. We got hundreds of young people to raise their voice for the visually challenged through the speech competition. With participants from various countries, the voice has reached a wide range of people, motivating them to come out in support of the visually challenged people.

Persons with Disabilties

The children with disabilities in the rural areas are total without any support. Parents struggle to keep them safe and healthy. Children are left at home very often unattended and sometimes even tied up. With no schools or centers for support, Project Vision has initiated a program for their care and growth. Supported by CHAI through Lillian Fonds and FNF, we cover 250 children with training, aids and appliances, and music therapy.

“There is no greater joy than to see someone getting sight or shelter or food. It is a blessing when it happens through you.” 

Fr George Kannanthanam — Director


CSR Partner

Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it. - Carrie Underwood


The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in lives of others. - DeAnn Hollis

Make a Donation

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. - Aesop

The Project Vision - Global

The Project Vision is a global idea since visual impairment is a global problem. Every country in the world faces problems for the visually impaired persons. Eye donation is a global program that is encouraged and coordinated by WHO. 

Therefore The Project Vision aims to reach out to any place where its vision of ‘let everyone see’ can be implemented.

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