BlindWalk is a global program to give sight to the blind.

Ever since it was conceived by Project Vision in 2014, it has seen a progressive growth in terms of places, people and ideas. What was started with three BlindWalks in 2014, was developed into a global program involving 55 locations in five countries in 2016. There were 25,000 people who walked blindfolded led by 5000 visually challenged people helped by 5000 volunteers on World Sight Day, October 13th, 2016, making it the largest eye donation campaign in the world.

Project Vision’s goal is to eliminate corneal blindness from the world. 20% of the World’s 39 million visually challenged people can see again with a simple corneal transplant. We join with the WHOs program VISION 2020 that aims at ‘eliminating all possible blindness’.

BlindWalk is the best program ever conceived to drive this idea into the minds of the people, because it provides an experience of being blind. When people have an experience of how severe the impact of blindness is, they would automatically come forward to help them. Thus the BlindWalk ends with a pledge to help the visually challenged in everyway and specially through the gift of our eyes after death.

The striking experience of BlindWalk that the normal blindfolded people are led by visually challenged people. The participants hold on to the blind person in the front after being blindfolded, depending on him/her to walk. This experience is very special and life changing. This gives a glimpse into their ‘dark world’.

2017 BlindWalk is planned to reach the message to larger audience. October 12, World Sight Day will witness BlindWalks happening in more than 250 locations across the globe. About 100,000 people are expected to participate.


Being a movement, BlindWalk is organised by the whole community in every place. Social, medical, educational,religious, cultural and corporate groups and institutions come together to organise the BlindWalk making it a whole community program. More than 500 organisations will join together to ensure maximum participation. Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI), National Federation of the Blind (NFB), National Service Society (NSS), Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI), CBCI - CARD, 104 Arokiavani, Rotaract and Madura Microfinance are partners of the BlindWalk. The Muthoot Group is the main sponsor and we are supported also by Essilor, CBM, Alcon and a host of other entities.


Blindwalk 2017


Blindwalk 2017
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