Million Eyes


2018 - Edition

MILLION EYES… What a great miracle it would be if we could generate one million eyes ! One million visually challenged persons would be delivered from darkness ! One million blind persons would walk into freedom ! The blind will see what they have never seen so far in their lives. They will see themselves for the first time. They will see their beloved people for the who were just voices so far. They will see the sun, the moon, the trees, the cars and the flowers. THIS CAN BE DONE.

This can be done easily. We just need to reach the message of eye donation to one million people. They all have eyes. They will all die. Their eyes will be available. All we need to do is to bring this information to 

them that their eyes would be a precious gift to give sight to the blind. This exactly is what Million Eyes will do.

This is an International Film Competition on the theme of eye donation. Any story that can inspire people to donate their eyes can participate. By getting about 1000 people to participate in the competition, we can reach this message to one million people – through them and their product.