Good Governance

Our Governance Philosophy is based on a set of laws, rules and regulations and good practices that enables the organisation to perform efficiently and ethically and create value for all its members.

The organisation is committed to the belief that the adoption of the best governance practices will take us a long way ahead.

The roots of our value system and governance practices reflect the culture of the society. The core philosophy rests on 4 basic tenets:

  • Board accountability to the organisation.

  • Equitable treatment to all members

  • Strategic guidance and effective monitoring by the Board

  • Transparency and timely disclosure

  • Organization structure
  • Governing Body Members
  • Management Team


Fr. Xavier Pereira - President

Fr.George Kannanthanam - Secretary

Fr Joseph Madhavath - Treasurer

Fr Francis Kalampukatt - Member

Fr  Pradeep Correa - Member

Fr Jose Kattath - Member

Fr Marian Mothes Zalki - Member

Fr Dr George Kannanthanam - Founder, Director.

Fr Marian Mothes Zalki - Assistant Director

Sibu George - Project Director

Madhava Murthy - Web and Digital Product Manager


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