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I authorize the removal of my eyes after my death for therapeutic purposes without any consideration to any person without reference to race, religion or sex. I understand all the aspects of such a donation.

Vision Ambassador

Become a Vision Ambassador: Enroll people for eye donation in your neighbourhood or among your contacts. Follow up to ensure that their commitment is realized by acting as linkage between the donor and the Eye Bank in the event of death. We need a volunteer for every 100 persons, roughly 25 families. We will train you for this process and also provide you the Vision Ambassador kit with presentation materials, pledge forms, certificates, posters and so on. Sign up here to be a Vision Ambassador.

Financial Support

You can support through your financial contribution for its various activities connected to the campaign for eye donations and also for services to enable the permanently blind to have a meaningful life. The details for transfer of money to the official account of The Project Join the One Rupee A Day program and donate Rs. 365 for an year.

Transfer From India

Bank Account Name & Associated Address
Project Vision
Claretian Seminary, 28/12, 18th Cross Road, 
Malleswaram West, Bangalore – 560055

Name & Address of Recipient Bank
South Indian Bank 
15th Cross, Sampige Road, 
Malleswaram, Bangalore – 560 003
Bank Account Number: 0279053000018410
IFSC: SIBL0000279

Transfer From Outside India

Bank Account Name & Associated Address
Claretian Seminary, 28/12, 18th Cross Road, 
Malleswaram West, Bangalore – 560055

Name & Address of Recipient Bank
South Indian Bank
15th Cross, Sampige Road, 
Malleswaram, Bangalore – 560 003
Bank Account Number: 0279053000001634

Please send a mail to info@theprojectvision.orgwith the details of the Bank Transfer and your address so that we can send you a receipt for the amount.

The Project Vision is an initiative under the HOPE Society, registered under the Society Registration Act as well as Income Tax. 

Volunteering Options

The project vision Volunteer scheme

The media response to the event was very positive. Some of the media links are given here. 

Background: Since 2013, The project vision is committed and striving hard to address the complex challenges posed by the several eye diseases and the issue of visual impairment due to corneal errors in India and across the globe. We work directly with people in need of cornea, refractive errors, Glaucoma, persons requiring long-term medication, persons/children in need of eye care and treatment, persons requiring cataract surgeries, persons with complete loss of vision, low/poor vision, partial vision, Diabetic retinopathy and other issues who need our support for eye care and treatment. 

Objective: The main objective of the volunteers scheme is to promote a platform to encourage, engage the volunteers to contribute where eye donation becomes a norm in India, all kinds of persons with visual impairment receive eye care and treatment, to extend support for the rehabilitation of persons with loss of vision, in order to achieve the vision of “Let everyone see”.. The project vision Invite you to investigate and invent with us to achieve “Let everyone see” 

Volunteers will have the following opportunities: 

1. To pledge your eyes: Do you like to pledge your eyes? Here is the platform for you to be alive through the donation of your eyes and to make other see!! 

2. To become a vision Ambassador: Do you like to become a vision Ambassador in any given time of your life time? Here is the chance for you!! Vision Ambassador is a new concept designed by Project Vision. Vision Ambassadors are persons who would coordinate eye donation between the bereaved family and the eye bank in the event of death. This is due to the fact that despite lot of eye pledges, eye donations are not happening. The presence of Vision Ambassadors will change the eye donation scenario in the country. 

3. To become a BlindWalk organizer: Do you like to be blind folded for few minutes? Here is the good opportunity for you to organize a BlindWalk in the place you wish. BlindWalk is a innovative program designed by Project Vision wherein a sighted person is given an opportunity to be blindfolded and walk in pubic giving the experience of blindness. The Walk is led by blind persons. Any volunteer would get an opportunity to represent the Project Vision and to organize the BlindWalk in the place/ village/town/city/state/country/region/continent where he or she have a good contact. The main purpose of the blind walk is to make the participants to feel being blind for few minutes, raise awareness and to motivate them to pledge their eyes. The volunteer need to be ready to be prepared in planning, organizing the event, to communicate to the Media about pledging eyes preferably on the World Sight Day or any other related day to the vision like national eye donation fortnight. The volunteers will be also expected to report back to the Project Vision with all the details. There will be a manual provided with all the details on planning, organizing and reporting of the event will be given to the volunteer with the supportive preparation from the project vision team. More details can be found in the manual. 

4. To become an educator: The present proposal for establishing a school for the persons with disabilities would be a great opportunity for the volunteers to become an educator. We would have the students with disabilities staying in the campus and the abled students would be day scholars. Volunteers would be welcome to come and stay in the campus for weekends and during holidays to become an educator for the students. They could also take a longer break during work for a week or month to live with the students and teach them. Thus the school would be an ideal platform for volunteers. Building the school and the other facilities in the premises like playgrounds, library and laboratory would be another great opportunity for volunteering. Visually challenged students need angel readers and angel writers for study and exam, perfect roles for those interested in being a volunteer educator. 

5. To become a Social worker: Are you persuaded to become a social worker? Here is the best opportunity with the project vision!! First of all, volunteers or the social workers at the project vision need to have self interest, initiation, motivation, determination, dedication of oneself, of his or her own energy, knowledge, skills, time for the desired service to others. This could be also by an individual or could be a collective action by a group of light-minded persons to full fill the desired purposes who can be considered as social workers. In some cases, it is also practiced for self satisfaction for a real cause as well as situation, where he or she realises the essence of contribution. In the present way of practice and understanding the term is vary from its real meaning of social worker. The concept has taken a new shift as it is practiced since ages at various stages and in various fields of development all over the world. Some perceived as professional way of contributions from the point of social workers and provides them with the expectations. At higher level of service delegation, the concept viewed as profession for a service contract with or without remuneration or opportunity for experience. Where as at it is also often it is considered as part time activity with some kind of incentives, so as to provide employment opportunities for some period of time. In either ways, the concept also significantly enable the person to develop knowledge, appropriate attitude, skills, confidence, relationship and exposures for a given situation. Any social workers at the project vision will be requested to perform the following: to work with the group of visually impaired persons/children, extend support to organize the blind walks, to work for starting of inclusive school, extend support for inclusive hospital, prepare documents of reports/plans/photo documentation, travel to other places, teach group of visually impaired children, come out with creative ideas to promote eye donation, working with government for national programme for control of blindness (NPCB) and other related works. 

6. To become A writer: Are you comfortable expressing yourself through writing? Here’s a chance to do something good and give back through the project vision and to the society through your beautiful writings!! The writer’s role will be to help our direct and indirect benefactors in order to communicate their stories in an impactful and engaging way that will elicit immediate action through the writings. These stories and the articles will be used on both print and electronic Medias to communicate our work to supporters, donors and volunteers. The volunteers writing needs to be simple, artistic, clear and persuasive. It should incite action and create awareness among the readers. Any volunteer should be with willingness to aquire knowledge and ability to learn about eye care challenges and treatment in india. particularly eye donation, eye care, treatment, rehabilitation, disability and inclusive development. Should be Passionate about writing and communications to work with professionals and persons with disabilities in general. Should demonstrate a high degree of accuracy when writing, revising , editing or proofreading with Great Computer Skills and an Internet connectivity. Writing volunteer will be requested to contribute for project/proposal writing, preparing articles, logistical frame work analysis (LFA), project activities plans and report preparation, story writing and other topics. 

All the Volunteers will have the following privileges: 

1. A chance to pledge the eyes and it is a choice. 

2. An opportunity to work directly at the grassroots in order to make others see again. 

3. A chance to Listen, care, counsel and respond to the needs of the less fortunate. 

4. Possibilities to discover yourself with the commitment beyond your routine life. 

5. A chance to work, interact with healthcare, disability and social professionals. 

6. Volunteers can volunteer from anywhere in the country and in the world. 

Their expenditure will be covered depending on their level of expertise and the quality of their contributions. They will be also honored with stipend and a certificate.