BLINDWALK IS THE LARGEST EYE DONATION PROGRAM IN THE WORLD. It is a very successful event to express our solidarity with the visually challenged people and also to promote the message of eye donation all over the world, specially in India. 

The program on world sight day organised by us as WORLD BLINDWALK with the support of various organisations in 2018. It was conducted in Five countries spread across 250 locations. About 100,000 persons participated. Most of them have pledged to donate their eyes. Many of them have committed to be Vision Ambassadors, who will coordinate eye donation in the event of death among people in their contacts. 

We are taking this movement forward with a similar campaign on World Sight Day, 2019.  This year the date falls on 10th of October, being the second Thursday. Many organisations and institutions and the public will be part of the program. Large number of social, educational, health and religious groups will come together to create a better society where every blind person will be better taken care of and every blind persons who can see would be helped to see again through eye donation. The program is planned across India in various states and places. More than 200 BlindWalks are planned across India and a few outside India  this year. 

BlindWalk is a unique programs we have developed wherein the sighted are given an experience of what it means to be blind, by walking blindfolded for sometime, led by the blind persons themselves. The purposes of BlindWalk are – one to express our solidarity with the blind persons. Globally there are 39 million blind persons out of which 15 fifteen million are in India. Secondly through the BlindWalk we create awareness on eye donation after death. The Walk ends with a pledge to donate eyes.

You are most welcome to organise a BlindWalk in your institution or area. You can contact us to get the details. You are welcome to partner with other organisations to participate. You can just participate in a BlindWalk for the sheer interest to experience it. This can change your life. 

A video of the BlindWalk is presented here. So is the  manual for conducting the BlindWalk. The posters of this years BlindWalk are also presented here. You can contact the number below to participate in any of the locations. 

VISION FIRST is the theme of this years World Sight Day proposed by IAPB and WHO. 

Alcon is the major sponsor of the BlindWalk this time. Essilor Vision Foundation is supporting the 18 BlindWalks  conducted in and around Delhi. 

Thanking you for your collaboration, 

Fr Dr George Kannanthanam 

Founder Director, Project Vision 

9845811515/ 8073396563


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